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Over the last six years, Hays Hitzing has been instrumental in the planning, design and construction of many of America’s best skateparks.


From the conception and development of the nation’s largest Skateable Art installation to the sponsorship and innovation needed for Los Angeles’s first skate plaza, Hays has coordinated the work of designers, architects, engineers and construction crews to make unique visions come to life.


Hays is an accredited LEED Professional and noted public involvement specialist with workshops and design charrettes in the US, Europe and Asia.  His experience in fundraising, in-kind campaigns and grant writing have helped hundreds of communities across the country fund and build great skateparks.


His unique experience planning and coordinating design on the largest Action Sports facility in the world (over two years of development culminating in 45 skateboard, BMX, MBX and Mountain-Board courses across 10,000 acres) allows him to incorporate best practices from multiple disciplines into every project.


Hays with Paul "P-Rod" Rodriguez at the grand opening of Los Angeles' first skate plaza in 2008.



Skatepark Workshop enjoys a wide network of experienced skatepark advocates, design experts and specialists in construction drawings.


Depending on the scope of the project, one or more consultants may work as a project team.


Each project is unique - especially those with multi-year timelines. Our firm's deep roots in the action sports industry gives us access to long-time insiders who know the timing and protocol of municipal design and construction.


To join the team, view our career opportunities.



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