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Below are some of the best contemporary skatepark designs from around the world.  They represent the work of many designers from the most experienced firms in action sports.  Skatepark Workshop helps you navigate this world of professional designers - choosing the best one for your needs and acting as your liason to make sure that your project goals are always at the center of the work.


Please email us form and we will get back to within 48 hours with more information and a proposal for moving forward.  Please mention any specific designs that you like.

Getting the right design for your skaters, your site and your budget.

Choosing the right designer and the right design method can make a crucial difference in whether a park gets the most out of its budget.  Skatepark Workshop helps you assess the options and pick the right path.  We are the only non-biased, independent skatepark consultant in the industry.  While we often collaborate and coordinate with the top firms in the industry, we stay independent and present all options.


Email us to get a proposal and move forward toward concept design.

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