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specialty services for landscape architects & engineers


An increasing number of municipalities, developers & youth agencies are turning to local Landscape Architects and Engineers to design skateparks, BMX parks and other action sports facilities.  


These complex, specialized facilities are often completely custom-designed with very specific construction methodologies, material specifications and technical tolerances.  In addition to the complexity of design and engineering, skateparks are often emotional projects that require public involvement with the right credibility and approach for Generation Y & Z youth.


Skatepark Workshop consults with A/E professionals at every phase of project development.  Because many firms want to present a cohesive brand experience, we often work as a 'transparent sub-consultant' - confidentially completing all work under the name of the prime consultant.  Either way, we bring the best practices from the action sports design/build industry to improve the value and quality of your client's facilities.  Please email us at to find out more.

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Project Set-Up & Research

Just starting a project?  We can help you set project parameters and expectations.  Our report will include nearby skateparks, typical costs and basic site assessment.

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design consultation

Need help developing a skatepark design?  Do local users have sketches or ideas they want to incorporate?  We can help on a variety of levels with the right scope to match your goals and budget.

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public involvement

Engaging skateboarders and BMX riders is challenging - we can help.

Our consultants are skateboarders and industry insiders with the credibility and youth experience to build consensus.

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technical drawings & specifications

Once the design is done, we can help you create the assets needed to bid the park, including CSI standard specifications and stamped drawings.

transparent design partner


We know the value of your client relationships and the importance of projecting credibility and versatility in the increasingly competitive A/E industry.  That is why Skatepark Workshop often works as a 'transparent sub-consultant', allowing your firm to take all the credit and simplying the client experience.


This discretion goes along with our core mission of helping better skateparks get built in greater numbers. We don't care if we get the credit, we just want to help!


We offer flexible choices in billing, allowing you to choose between flat rate proposals, hourly billing or project retainers.  Our scope and proposal are easy to absorb into a total project budget, or can be passed on to your client as a value add-on.

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