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We have helped with hundreds of cities raise millions of dollars to make their skatepark dreams become a reality.  While it is hard work that takes long hours, many meetings and lots of paperwork, there is a road map that can help get you there in less time by avoiding pitfalls and leveraging the best practices of the most successful advocates in the country.


Many of our consultants are themselves former grassroots advocates.  They began with one project and then shared their knowledge and methods to empower other advocates across the country.  They went on to form non-profit groups that are still making a difference in the lives of local skateboarders.


One of the primary goals of Skatepark Workshop is to help advocate groups in the often-frustrating task of getting a skatepark built.  Some lucky cities have forward-thinking civil leaders who identify the need for skateparks, but many municipalities still do not recognize the vital value that a well-designed, well-constructed public skatepark has for a growing segment of today's youth.  


We want to bring this passion to your skatepark committee.  You can think of us as a remote member of the group - playing whatever role is needed to support the mission.  Whether you're looking for a full start-up package and in-depth support, or if you just need help getting over one tricky hurdle, we can help.


Skatepark Workshop is the only non-biased, independent skatepark consultant in the industry.  Instead of giving free planning & design services in exchange for a design contract or being specified in the construction, we charge a reasonable flat or hourly rate to provide the help you need, when you need it.


Please fill out our Skatepark Profile form and we will get back to within 48 hours with more information and a proposal for moving forward. 

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