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For many, a job in the skatepark industry is a life-long dream.  While it is an amazing way to make your living, it's still a great deal of hard work, creative thinking and long hours.  


To take a project from concept to grand opening requires a small army of planners, administrative staff, procurement specialists, budget keepers, executive decision makers, architects, engineers, cost estimators, draftspeople, rendering specialists, bid writers, contractors, inspectors, landscapers and maintenance staff - the specialists who actually design and build the skatepark are a small part of the larger equation.


At Skatepark Workshop, we focus on client-based solutions.  That means keeping the big picture in mind and doing what's right - not just pushing for the biggest, gnarliest skatepark possible.  


We need open-minded individuals with a passion for skateboarding, BMX, and other action sports.  We need those people to stay open-minded as they engage with decision makers, advocates and muncipal staff of every stripe and color.  It's a not a black and white world (street vs. bowl, skateboard vs. bike, NIMBY vs. skateboarders).


Below are our current openings.  If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to


To sign up for job mailing list, please CONTACT US.



Seeking motivated student / early career draftsperson with AutoCAD skills and a passion for action sports. Prefer someone with SketchUp and rendering experience.  Prefer someone based in the Mid-West, but willing to consider all locations.



Do you have a passion for skateparks?    We are seeking motivated personnel to work with advocate groups, city offiicals and landscape architects to help skateparks happen.  Preference given to those with experience in the skatepark industry, municipal purchasing and/or proposal coordination.

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