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Diamonds are forever - but should building your skatepark take that long?


Get Funding


We have helped hundreds of cities raise millions of dollars to make their skatepark dreams become a reality.

Get Space


Securing a site can be the most difficult part of skatepark development.  Our experts will cut through red tape and counter any objections.

Get Approved


We help you navigate the approval process with proven techniques to build support and gain allies.

Start Shredding


Now, you're ready for the fun part - designing and building an amazing skatepark as you look forward to opening day!

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We are Skatepark Workshop - a group of industry experts and passionate advocates dedicated to supporting skateparks.  If you want to build a skatepark or if you already have one, we can help you best use your resources.  Let us share the best practices from around the country to better serve your action sports athletes.


Please fill out the contact form below, email us at or give us a call at 614-321-2066 to get started today!


GET STARTED NOW - tell us about your skatepark project and we will send a customized package of helpful information within 48 hours.

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